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Dash n Grab Contest July 20th (Sat) Only! 
Entry deadline is 8:30 AM Sat morning!!

11th anniversary dash n grab.jpg
11th anniversary promo.jpg

Our Dash n Grab contest returns for one day ONLY on July 30th (Sat)!! 

- To enter you need to line up for our BLOWOUT event July 30th (Sat). Entry cut off is at 8:30am 

- Shortly after 8:30am we will do a draw. The lucky winner will get 80 seconds to grab $420-$455 worth or merchandise from the store. The contestant must enter the store grab the items and return them to the table before the 80 seconds end. If completed the contestant wins everything they grabbed.

- BLOWOUT items are excluded from this event. 

- A Waiver must be signed before you're able to participate. You need to be confident in your ability to participate. Certain rules and conditions will apply and will be reviewed before the participant enters the contest. 

- If the participant loses we will re-draw until  a winner is found! If we haven't found a winner by open time 9:00am we will delay opening until the contest is complete. 

- You must be 14 years old to enter this contest. Please have verification of age. 

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