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About Us 

Established In July 2013 

Epic Games & More has been around since July 2013 however our venture into retail and video games as a whole started in the summer of 2011. We operated under New Age Thrift from 2011 until 2013. We begun as a Thrift store, dabbled in clothing and then realized the potential market in opening a retro based video game store in Victoria. In late 2012 we decided to dedicate a large portion of our store for only electronics, video games and DVD's. Ultimately we began to love what we did more and more each day and made the tough decision to put all of our eggs in one basket. Concentrating on only retro video games as of July 2013 New Age Thrift was officially closed and in its place started something new. Epic Games & More! We have now been operating ever since concentrating solely on the retro game market! 


Here is a rough timeline through three pictures :)



New Age Thrift 2011 

New Age Thrift Early 2013 

Epic Game & More July 2013

Epic Games & More March 2015

Epic Games & More March 2015

Epic Games & More March 2015

We Are A Small Team


We are a small team comprised of family and friends and we love what we do! We have always liked video games, now we just get to like them more often! You can rest assured we are all gamers and try to do our best to know as much product knowledge as possible! No easy task when there are so many games out there! All of our items in store are tested and come with a one month warranty! We are confident that what we are selling you is in full working order and if there are any issues we dont hesitate to resolve the problem by fully troubleshooting the unit with you and if we can't resolve the problem you will get a full replacement! We go above and beyond to assure you have a good experience with your retro games! Let's relive the great gaming memories not all the frustrations that came with them! 



The Future?

Ah well..*cough* put myself on the spot. Nobody can predict the future! But hopefully it would be similar to selling games like we are today! However we still want to branch off into carrying a few more items. Right now we are working hard to possibly carry a line up of apparel that would be available online and in store! This would consist of hats, wallets, emblems, T's and much more! We also plan on continuing to carry as many unique new items as possible while maintaining the fact that retro games are the true priority! 


Other then merchandise related items we also hope to become a huge part not only on a retail front but on a gaming front at home as well. We will be launching our in house online forums shortly and will be introducing a bulletin board in store for local event! We hope the forum takes off and the gamers in Victoria learn things they didn't know or just meet some like minded gamers that might live down the street from you! We are also planning something called the Epic Army. Make sure to sign up for our forum via the contact tab to get more info on this in the near future. 



Thank You


To end this about us I would like to say one thing (If the title didn't give it away) THANK YOU! To everyone who lives in Victoria, Vancouver island, mainland or anyone who was just passing through and took the time to stop by! Your ongoing support is what makes us keep striving to become better with each day. We push for the best service and competitive prices for all of you who have made a purchase with us before! We want to become your Video Game Headquarters. We couldn't do this without you! Each one of you helped keep our doors open for business and we hope to make even more of you out there a repeat customer! 


Victoria, BC

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