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We have moved to our new store! Located at 770A Hillside Ave it is hard to miss! 

Our hours remain the same 9am-7pm everyday.

Our new location more than doubles our old store, we now have a mini arcade and a large event space for tournaments, birthday parties and more! 

Do you have any event or tournament you want to host but don't have the space? Give us a shout!

A wild Pokemon Day approaches!! This Tuesday Febuary 27th is Pokemon Day! And you best believe we will have lots of rad stuff going on!!

- We will be doing a silent auction for rare/uncommon Pokemon items. 100% of the proceeds earned will be used to increase the prize pool for our pre-release events in March!! 


- We will be giving out goodie bags filled with awesome pokemon loot between 4pm-7pm or until supplies last!!!


- ALL of our Pokemon bulk will be available for browsing for the entire day, freshly organzied by set too! So it will be the perfect chance to fill out those decks you've been wanting to complete.


- Our Pokemon singles will be getting repriced for this event so you can expect a lot of price drops!!!

We will see you down here for Pokemon Day Febuary 27th!



Bring in your old games and hardware, walk out with cash, credit, or other items!

Epic Games & More is a locally owned gaming shop located at 770A Hillside Ave. Focusing on all things gaming, we carry everything from Atari 2600 to modern consoles and titles!

All of our used items have been thoroughly cleaned and tested, and are backed by a 30-day defect exchange warranty to ensure that you get the best possible experience out of every item.

Got some old gaming gear or trading cards? Come on down! We offer in-store credit for  pretty much anything we sell, and we can even offer cash on select items! Offers vary based on what the items are and their condition, with some harder to find items fetching up to 70% of their value! Bring in your old games, Pokemon or MTG cards today to get a quote!

You must be 18+ and have a VALID piece of government issued photo ID to trade and/or sell with us. No exceptions.

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