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Official Limited Run Games Supplier

  • Large Switch selection of LRG Titles!

  • New titles always arriving! 

  • Currently stocking Switch/PS5 LRG releases

  • Collectors Editions available!

Largest Switch Selection on Vancouver Island!

  • Hundreds of titles to choose from! 

  • We stock AAA, LRG, indie, and import games! 

  • Trade in your used games for new Switch games! 

  • Pro Controllers, Joy-Cons, and other accessories available!

Magic the Gathering

  • Great selection of singles!

  • Sealed booster packs, boxes, and more!

  • Lots of other merchandise, make perfect gifts!

Pokemon Cards

  • Large variety of Pokemon merchandise available! 

  • Large selection of TCG products! 

  • Selection of singles both old & newer!

  • Pokemon bulk machines! 25c, 50c and $1!

HUGE Selection of D&D Merchanidse!

  • Hundreds of minis to choose from! 

  • We carry a large selection of 5th Edition books! 

  • DM Screens, Dice, Dungeon Tiles, and more!

Military Discount

  • 12% Off Military Discount Available.

  • Military ID required at the time of purchase. 

  • Cannot be combined with any other promotions.​

  • Only applicable to used items.

1UP Special!

  • Buy four games priced $5 or more and get a fifth game priced $5 or less for FREE!

  • Combinable with other promotions!

  • 1UP Special cannot be used to discount games priced over $5.

Disc Repairs

  • Disc resurfacing available for $4 per disc. 

  • Buffing more than 10 discs at once? We'll bring the cost down to $3 per disc!

  • Works on most formats including Gamecube and Blu-Ray.

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